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Since much of the material we record is subject to restrictions please contact us to request full access to our client page. We are happy to provide the serious inquirer a full selection of samples for Film, TV, Gaming, Ads, Songs etc

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I was blown away by what Andrew and his team delivered... Andrew’s section sounded so good that I could completely replace the samples. Andrew’s playing added so much emotion, dimension, depth, clarity and “realness” to the score. I couldn’t be happier and Andrew will be my go-to for strings from now on.

Ian Honeyman

Andrew!! These sound fantastic!!! thanks so much,

Thomas Farnon


stuff sounds really good.  thanks!

James Peterson


Lovely, feathery smooth sound and a great performance,

Sami Mater


Thanks Andrew.  I mixed the first one last night and it sounded great

Iain Kelso


The recordings are lovely! Working with you has been absolutely wonderful! You Guys Rock!

Jordan A. Blair


thanks for the beautiful work on my music.

Fabrizio Mancinelli


that's perfect and it's sounding lovely. Thanks so much for doing this at short notice. Hugely appreciated

Jonathan Goldstein


Thanks ANDREW,  i really loved it also!!! Thanks for your talent and commitment. THANKS AGAIN!!

Jordi Bachbush


I just downloaded and listened through the files. They sound fantastic. again, Thanks for your speedy recording service. It has saved the day in this case.

Jacob Longoria


you do an excellent job. Thank you again for everything

Lorne Balfe

the strings sound great! .... the producer and director were very happy. Thanks so much again, your playing has really brought these tracks alive! 

Blair Mowat


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